Wei Zhang

Wei joined CEPRIN in 2018 as a Ph.D. student in Computer Information Systems, working with Dr. Arun Rai. His research interests center on the intersection of Management Information Systems (MIS) and other business disciplines such as risk management and financial market. Wei is interested in applying interdisciplinary theories and methods to study IT-enabled digital innovation.


Yanran Liu

4th-year PhD student in Computer Information Systems at the Center for Process Innovation. She is studying Digital Innovation using theories in Information Systems, Strategic Management and Complexity, along with complementary research methods (e.g., fuzzy-set qualitative comparative analysis (fsQCA), agent-based modeling, text mining, econometrics). 


Zhitao Yin

Zhitao is on the job market in 2018-2019. His dissertation investigates the constraints associated with intellectual property rights issues in digital innovation, thereby introducing a complementary lens to the pro-innovation lens that has dominated the scholarly conversation on digital innovation. Through the intellectual property right perspective, his dissertation (1) uncovers a set of systematic constraints that can challenge digital innovation and (2) suggests solutions to mitigate such challenges.

His research interests are digital innovation, IT business value, analytics applications for causal inference and prediction, economics of intellectual property rights, impact of digital platforms on entrepreneurial financing, and learning from failure for digital inventions.