Arun’s research has examined how firms can leverage IT in strategies, inter-firm relationships, and processes, and how IT-enabled solutions can be developed implemented, and assimilated in organizations and society. He has applied a broad base of research methods including longitudinal field surveys, experiments, multivariate and econometric analysis applied to archival and survey data, social network analysis, and case studies in his research projects. He has collaborated with major corporations across sectors (e.g., Apollo Hospitals, China Mobile, Daimler-Chrysler, Emory Healthcare, Gartner, Georgia-Pacific, Grady Hospital, IBM, Intel, Laureate Inc., SAP, SunTrust and United Parcel Service) on research projects, and his studies have been sponsored by government agencies, major corporations and their research labs and innovation centers, and thought leadership forums.

Arun’s research has spanned the following areas:

  1. Digital enablement of supply chains

  2. Digital strategies for business value
  3. Software development and project management.
  4. Information technology implementation and use
  5. Health IT
  6. Research methods